The comfort of a child.

Swasti's baby sister, Kasita was giving a speech and sharing how when they were kids they used to secretly read each other's diaries, and there was once when Swasti, actually caught her sis reading her diary and was furious. But habits die hard and it did not stop there, so when Kasita read Swasti's diary again she saw a paragraph wirtten by Swasti that says "if you read my diary again, I hope you eat and eat and eat and blow up and die", so Kasita retaliated by writing "if you read my diary again, I hope you faster find a guy and marry off soon so I won't have to see you again!"

Of course that was hilarious and the whole ballroom was in laughter. Then Kasita continued by saying that we should be careful of what we wished for, as of now, Swasti has really found someone and will be leaving her, and that how could anyone wish for that as a sister is like the other half and she really can't bear to part of Swasti.

This was perhaps one of the most touching moment during the dinner, and I was really touched to witness how sensitive Swasti's niece was to her feelings and offered comfort in her little way...

Celebrating Ruth & chris in Brisbane

Just touched down in Singapore from Aussie, and I can't wait to edit my photos! This trip I am truly blessed to have met and made so many new friends. This image was taken with Ruth and Chris in Brisbane, and I really can't thank them enough for their hospitality and patience towards a newcomer to Brisbane. Really a big thank you for showing me around and Chris, I love all the good food you brought me to! And of course, there is Amy our wonderful make up artist from Brisbane, whom Ruth actually goes to her shop quite often during her uni days!

Ralph & Sophia

Ralph, Sophia, thank you for all the good times we had in Paris.

It had been tiring but was nothing short than awesome. Thank you for taking good care of me, feeding me always during the shoot and filling me up with laughter from the demonstration of your moonwalk and hand-stand. Most importantly, thank you for sharing with me your love you have for one another.

Alwin ♥